Spivey Is Back Online

319320_4379568887982_1515352137_nWell well, it’s looks like Mr Spivey has ruffled a few feathers as the site has been down since Friday. It’s back up and running now, with a whole 3 weeks worth of work gone forever.

We had a similar problem in November when we published a post on Will Gompertz, which was picked up by David Icke. Due to a massive increase in bandwidth, we moved to a new server, but no matter what we did, the domain name would not propagate. We finally sorted it out, but also decided to take the very un-google-friendly step of duplicating the site at piereportnews.wordpress.com. We also back up daily just in case.

I really think this should be a lesson to anyone trying to give an alternative view of the news, away from the fake MSM spin. The internet is not free anymore, they can and will take down any site that threatens to expose what is really going on. That’s another reason why we reluctantly took the step to join face ache a few months ago, just to duplicate posts.

So, why did Spivey go down? Did he really upset people on the House of Lords website?

Was the site hacked?
Or was it just one of those things that no one can explain. I think the true answer will appear over the next few months if he and others are affected again.

Good to have you back Chris.


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