Rugby Champ Gareth Thomas’ Secret Suicide Torment

GarethIn the Mail today The headline reads:’I had my first sexual encounter with a guy when I was 17… I hated myself’: Rugby champ Gareth Thomas’ secret suicide torment

In PieReport-News today, our answer is “So what, shut up going on about it, who cares!”

Look, I know that isn’t very “PC” but I’m sick and tired of having peoples sexuality thrown in my face. I don’t care,  capiche! I have no problem with any form of sexual orientation, whatever consenting adults do between themselves is their business, but for god sake stop going on about it as if it’s important, because it isn’t.

I was born male, fact of life, but I’m not, and I will repeat this, I’m not heterosexual, I am me. I refuse to be labeled  anything other than me. As it happens my own preference falls under a category often refereed to as “normal”. By “normal”, I mean it just happens to be a text book preference that makes the production of children in a natural way fairly easy, i.e. I’m male, my wife is female.  Sorry everyone, it’s not my fault, it’s the way I was born. If it offends people at the BBC that I appear to be from a majority group, tough, I refuse to apologies for being a freak. (I honestly can’t  believe I typed “as it happens”, I promise it was a genuine mistake. Thinking about it, did I type it because I’m not using a typewriter, so perhaps I keyboarded it?) If you want to call me anything, call me normal, not heterosexual. Ouch, that hurt a bit, what do you mean cry the GAY lobby, we’re not normal? No, sorry, you’re not from where I stand, but from where you stand you’re perfectly normal, so stop banging on about it.

We are what we are, I can’t and don’t want to change you, and you can’t change me, so lets all live together in perfect harmony, get on with our own lives and stop falling for this seemingly never ending pointless media hype.

All I’m trying to say here is this is 2013, some men like women, some like men like men, some women like men and some women like women, I really don’t give a stuff what you like as long as it doesn’t affect me and mine, and it’s between consenting adults. Keep your own private life to yourself and stop going all Tatchell about it, because if one person really annoys me it’s him. Of course I support equality for all, but I am really sick of the MSM, and the BBC in particular “normalising” homosexuality as if it’s the right way to be, no it isn’t for by far the vast majority of people.

Where do I stand on gay marriage I hear you ask, well I’m all for it as long as it’s based on love, and you feel a need to get married.

ratzingerWhere do I stand on gay clergy? Exactly the same as any other form of religious authority figure, you’re all a bunch of self serving fake con artists, no better than other back street trickster, spouting text from a load of old junk cobbleled together in the 4th century to be used to control the masses by the evil church of Rome. Vicars and priest tending their flocks is exactly right, a bunch of sheep who are so brain washed, and or brain dead,  they think the bible is the path to follow. (I would like to clarify here, that although that last rant was aimed at the Church of Rome, and Ratzinger is a fine example, it equally applies to the Anglican faith, or any other prescribed religion)

It’s funny really when the “Jehov’s” knock on the door, because I’ll stand there for hours, and I always go through the same process, I’ll listen and appear interested, and then destroy each attempt to indoctrinate me piece by piece  I even bring out my copy of the OAHSPE, which always freaks then out and when they try to get away from me, I draw them in again, such fun.

Look, the truth is that there is and can only be love. All religions, in my opinion, except perhaps Krishna because they give away free curry, are based on evil mechanisms to control you, wake up and realise the truth.krishna

How did I get onto that, I was talking about being sick of the media trend to turn us all gay? But actually, it’s all the same thing, the evil at the top who control us, know that the basic human instinct is tribal pack mentality, so they create divisions, be it fake religions, football clubs, race hate, anything to get us to fight each other. The only way to beat them is to firstly understand how they work, and then refuse to play along. It’s all a game of Big Brother, and the majority fall for it every time.

OMG, I read an article the other day talking about Paedophobia, branding the people behind the so called witch hunt against people who sexually abuse children as Paedophobics. Sorry you left wing nutters, the word describes people who have a fear of children, not people who, for whatever reason, object to kiddie fiddlers.

And finally Esther, see I can’t even say that these days without thinking of Savile, if anyone complains that I don’t understand what it’s like to be different, blah blah, I’ve faced my own challenges in life which probably equal if not beat yours, but that’s my business, life is shit, it’s supposed to be, that’s how we develope as an entity of whatever form we are, after all, we create our own reality, we chose this life, didn’t we?




3 thoughts on “Rugby Champ Gareth Thomas’ Secret Suicide Torment

  1. I am interested in your claims that there is a media trend to ‘turn us all gay’. Can you provide any tangible examples of this? And if there is such an agenda, what, exactly, would be the purpose of this? It makes a great deal of sense that such institutions as the church have a hidden agenda to indoctrinate the masses, and I have my eyes wide open when it comes to the power of the media to fulfil the desires of government. Yet your article, which attempts to discuss an apparent obsession with sexuality, doesn’t appear to have any relevance to such an agenda.

    In my own opinion, the story of someone like Gareth Thomas, and his painful struggle to be himself in the face of a sporting community whose indoctrinated homophobia still remains as much of a barrier today as it has ever been, is the only example I can bring to mind. How many openly gay sportsmen and women can you name? Surely, with so many young gay people still too frightened to be open about their sexuality, such a public role model should be present in the media whenever possible. Of course, I am under no illusions about the motivations of the media corporations who run such stories about sexuality: promoting sexualities equality is probably way down the priority list for them, way behind their desire to make money. But I cannot fathom what other damage can be done other than this. And, aside from the media bosses, the only other people who will benefit from this media attention are the people of the gay community. Is this such a bad thing?

    • Hi Liz, thank you for your contribution, I think you make a very valid point. I must confess that wasn’t one of my most carefully thought out posts, and to be honest, I did have every intention of removing it tonight, not because I don’t stand by the basic message, but because it is clumsy and does read rather poorly. However, as you have taken the time to post, I will leave it unedited.

      Running a site like this you spend a lot of time reading a lot of material from many different sources. I was annoyed by the headline in the Mail, because my feeling genuinely is “so what” who cares. That is based on my belief that someone is a person, not a sexuality or race. You are right in questioning my statement “there is a media trend to ‘turn us all gay’. That was a cheap tabloid line thrown in to get me back on subject after I span off with a bit of Religion bashing, for which I make absolutely no apologies.(the religious bit, not the stupid gay comment)

      With regards to the apparent obsession with sexuality, I do believe it is linked to the wider agenda being played out by the globalists. The easiest way to create division between people is to make them different. It is done with race, religion, politics, and now more and more with sexuality. Just look at the problems created in Northern Ireland at the moment over a flag of all things. We must all learn mutual respect, and realise that we are all the same. I take on board your comments about him being a good role model, and you are quite right, if that helps anyone find out who they really are, and not be ashamed of it, then it has to be a good thing, my anger comes from the fact that it is necessary in the first place.

      I will try to be less knee jerk in the future.

  2. Thank you for your response; you have helped to clarify your points and they are certainly interesting, particularly the point about difference creating division. You only have to read the stories about the treatment of homosexuals in Uganda to see an example of this. I guess that as long as diversity is something that is celebrated, rather than persecuted, such unrest can be difficult for governing powers to achieve. I have great concerns about the role that religion plays in the ‘divide and rule’ agenda.

    Your site has some interesting articles and I shall certainly be visiting it again.

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