It’s Official, According to West Yorkshire Police, Paedophile Jimmy Savile Was A Victim.

savile & NSPCCWell it’s not really official, but the Mirror is reporting that an unnamed officer from West Yorkshire Police, named only as Inspector 5 said he was aware of many claims against Savile, but West Yorkshire force had no such claims on their systems.

The only records they had on Savile was as victim, when his spectacles were stolen in November 2007. Savile always claimed that his friends in the Police wold protect him from child abuse claims, holding a regular “Friday morning club” in his Leeds penthouse , which included an inner circle of serving or former police officers.

A report, by Dept Supt Jon Savell, described the vile star’s interview under caution in 2009. It said: “He said he has contacts within the police and whenever he gets letters alleging he has done something wrong he gives them to contacts who ‘get rid’ of them.”

Interesting name Jon has there! Anyway, you can read the rest of this here:



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