Alex Jones on Piers Morgan CNN.

Great piece on Spivey today, see here  Very similar views to mine. Below is our comment.

I am old enough to remember the excitement of Henry Coopers first encounter with Cassius Clay, and again after he became Mohammad Ali. Ali was in my opinion the most charismatic and clever sportsman of all time, a true  hero, but I really wanted ‘enry to win.

I’m not saying that I had the same feeling waiting for the Jones V Morgan interview, but it was a great opportunity for someone with the self proclaimed knowledge of Jones to take the smarmy Morgan apart piece by piece. Dear oh dear, what a sorry example of miss-guided, big mouthed, out of control ranting, on record!

I started to get a bad feeling about the encounter when I read that Jones went face to face with the TSA over removing his shoes. I don’t blame Jones for this, he is fighting for liberty and has publicly stated that he will get in their face at every chance he gets, and good on him. But surly Jones must have realised that CNN invited him on the show to discredit him publicly. They know what Jones is like, and Morgan played it to perfection, resulting in many people without the knowledge of Morgans background actually feeling sorry for him.

Instead of acting in a restrained intelligent manner, Jones was just a loud mouthed, out of control fool, who stammered over statistics, finishing off my making a real dick of himself. Sorry Alex, but Aaron Dykes, Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo probably won’t tell you this, you are doing yourself, the Alternative Media, and the fight against the globalists no favours by acting like an idiot.

It really shouldn’t have been that difficult. Ex News of The World editor Piers Morgan should have been an easy target. Why was he sacked by the Daily Mirror? Why hasn’t he fronted up to the claims made over the phone hacking scandal. Why did he introduce Heather Mills to Paul McCartney. Why did Morgan claim that he never met Jimmy Savile in the Mail on Sunday 21 October 2012, when he wrote in the Mail on Sunday on 15 March 2009 the following ”  As I left, Jimmy Savile came up to me. ‘Your TV shows are BRILLIANT!’ he exclaimed. ‘And as I’ve been in the telly business for 50 years, you can Take That as an informed view.’ I’ve always loved Jimmy Savile.”.

It should have been easy pickings for Jones, but he showed an astonishing ignorance of the way the MSM work. Morgan was the cheese on their rat trap, Jones took the bait.

Let’s make it very clear, is not anti Alex Jones. We have streamed his show on our site for years. We promote, Prison, the InfoWars magazine. I personally listen to Jones every day, and don’t subscribe to the theory that he is working for the Globalists, but I will not sit by and pretend that his appearance on CNN was a success. It was a total cock up.




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