Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith Both Loved Children’s Charities.

I know it’s dragging up old stuff, but while the MSM is continuing the smoke screen campaign with old has been celebs being dragged across the tabloids under Operation Yewtree, lets not forget what a great job Savile did in supporting childrens charities. Here is a little snap with best xmas buddy and ex PM Margerate Thatcher.

savile & NSPCC

And lets not forget dear old uncle Cyril who loved to Save the Children, although I think someone fiddled with this photo. Mind you, when has a little fiddling  ever done any harm. Boys will be boys.

Uncle Cyril feeling peckish.

Uncle Cyril feeling peckish.

Unfortunatly I couldn’t find any suitable images of “Sailor Boy” Heath, the PM who signed us over to the EEC, and moored his big boat in Jersey,connected to childrens charities so I’ll include this one on Jim’ll Fix It. Not sure what Savile is doing with his hands, but by the look on Heaths face, it must have been worth it.

Jim fixing it for Ted.

Jim fixing it for Ted.


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