Massive Rail Fare Hike. Tory Minister Simon Burns “Hypocrite”

Tory Hypocrite Simon Burns

Tory Hypocrite Simon Burns

What really amazes me is the amount of people who openly complain about how they are being ripped off by their master above them, but do absolutely nothing to change things. The easiest thing is to moan and complain, but they still blindly jump over the cliff like lemmings under mass hypnosis.
What the hell is going on here? Hundreds of thousands of people are bitterly complaining about the outrageous price hikes on the railways, the same as they did last time, and the time before, but guess what, tomorrow morning they will turn up, pay the fare and travel off to work, why? Because they love to moan, but are sheep like in their mentality. They are conditioned to do what they are told from the point that they enter the mind controlled education system. Ouch, does that hit home? Because unless you are amongst the growing numbers of people who are waking up to the awful truth that we are controlled by a corrupt self-serving system, who owns you from birth to death, then I’m am talking about you.
To operate effectively, the system needs compliance. To achieve this, it operates in a subtle way, giving the impression of personal freedom, but in fact having total control over what you do, how you spend your spare time, what you watch on TV, how much money you have, and how much things cost. We are conditioned to think we live in a capitalist country, where competition allows fairness for the benefit of the consumer. The truth is we live in a corporatist country, where everything is controlled by the few.
Transport is just one example; you need to use the rail network to travel sometimes hundreds of miles each day to work. Although supposedly in private hands, there is no choice. Whoever has the franchise to run the service has no competition, therefore you have to take it or leave it. So when they announce thieving price increases, stop moaning, shut up and pay up, because you have no choice, it’s what you’ve always done, and they know it.
Unless you are Simon Burns MP. Simon Burns, who lives in Essex, 35 miles from his place of work, doesn’t use public transport. The very same transport he and his oily friends have decided you must invest more of your hard earned cash to improve. No, Mr Burns, or 3rd degree Burns as he was known in his university days, is far too important to travel with the plebs. He spends £80,000 a year of your money on a government chauffeured car to travel the 70 mile round trip. Oh, and guess how he justifies this? He is actually saving you money!
By having a car take him to work, be doesn’t need a second home in London. He also wrongly claims that he barred from working on his Red Box of official Ministerial papers on the train for security reasons.
Wake up people, Burns is a there to serve the people of Chelsford. He is your representative and servant, not the other way round. How many of you earn the £80,000 a year it costs you to get him to work?
Parliament is there to work for us, not the other way round, when will you all realise this. We happily let them tell us what to do, whereas it should be us telling them what to do. This can be turned around, and now is the best time to do it. Cameron is in a weak position, heading a pathetic coalition. Why do you think he refused to discuss changes in the winter fuel allowance? Not because of any election pledge, but because he is frightened to upset the over 60’s, many of whom are the core Tory voters. Stand up to these parasites and say “enough is enough”!.
As for the travel price situation, this can be resolved so easily. How many people use the rail network daily? You have power, stop being weak. Stand united and say no!.
All get together as a union of rail users, not some speak easy think tank, but an effective action force. Plan a day, say in two months, and let the system masters know that from that date, all rail users will refuse to pay for tickets until they are brought down to a reasonable.
What are they going to do, arrest everyone? Yes there may be some token action taken, but if everyone got together on mass, you would win, they would start to take notice and change to system to serve you rather than their share holders.
Non-compliance is their biggest fear.
Or do nothing and shut up complaining.


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