New Years Honours List. Tracey Emin Gets A CBE.

So the New Years Honours list for 2013 has been published. This embarrassing relic of Britain’s former colonial power is always received with mixed blessings.

Not wishing to dilute the joy that receiving any gong from the establishment gives to many worthy people, there are an awful lot of people in there who you simply ask, why?

For example, Hector William Hepburn Sants former Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, who is about to take of a position with Barclays. I was listening to James Max on LBC 97.3 today while performing my morning ablutions. He was ranting about whether   Hector had received a Knighthood for failing in his capacity as Chairman of the FSA. He was in charge during the financial crash, so Max was suggesting he shouldn’t have been awarded the knighthood. How wrong was James Max, (where is Steve Allen when you need a bit of sense on a Saturday morning) Max was arguing on the assumption that Sants had failed! The truth is that Sants probably did exactly what was required of him, hence the knighthood.

Now Tracey Emin is another matter altogether. She has received a CBE, or Commander of the British Empire, which is one pip down from getting a knighthood, or in her case  being made a Dame. When I started writing this post it was going to question why dear Tracey should be awarded a CBE at all, but now it is crystal clear.

emingoodimaginationShe is brilliant! Anyone who can convince that amount of people that they are a talented artist and pay for the stuff they creates is a genius.  I’m no art critic, but I know what I like and I have to say the sketches of Ms Emin CBE, naked playing with her “lady bits” doesn’t do much for me, but if people are prepared to pay for it, all power to you girl, and a big shout out to the Margate possy.


This is of course not a sketch by me, but a Photoshoped image from Tracey’s website.

In fact I thought I would give the old art thing a go myself, so here is my portrait of Tracey Emin CBE. Any good ?


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