Subliminal Message In New Kellogg’s Advert.

This isn't the new ad, but I thought the context was quite symbolic.

This isn’t the new ad, but I thought the context was quite symbolic.

“From the moment you are born, you are defined by a number”. That is the opening line of a current Kellogg’s cereal advert, so seemingly innocent, tacked onto the front of an advert.  So innocent in fact that you don’t even notice it, but that subliminal message is all part of the control mechanism that the globalists, of which Kellogg’s is alleged to be part, beam at us every day.

So why is it a subliminal message? It is normalising the fact that we are all numbered, catalogued and counted from birth to death. At birth you receive a birth certificate, at death you are written off with a death certificate. In between you are part of the stock of whatever country you live in.

You are fed the illusion that you are free because it’s easier to control things that believe they have a choice.

The MSM has hypnotised you every time you switched on the brain wash box in the corner of the room or read a newspaper for decades. Technology has stepped up the pace now so this dumbing down control mechanism is pumped into you every time you use your cell phone, computer, or any other gadget that has become an essential part of life.

So, here is the truth that you need to learn to break away from this control system.

If you think you are free, living in a free society, you are under the Globalists control.

If you know that you are living in a Globalist controlled society, you are free. It’s as simple as that.

Once you understand that, the dark veil will start to lift allowing you to see things as they really are. The more people that realise this, the quicker the control system will start to crumble. They know this which is why they are moving fast to control alternative information including the internet. They also know that in percentage terms they are far outweighed by the real people. They account for a tiny percentage, i.e. the very tip of the pyramid.

OK, let me explain, they can only control you in this way because they divert your attention onto make believe situations, i.e. TV shows etc.  They hide what they are doing in open view because they know we only see what we want to see. Remember that line in the Da Vinci code when the Police didn’t see them escape in the car from the jet plane. It’s the same trick every stage magician uses; they just do it on a global scale, they are masters of miss-direction.

The good news is that it will only take a small percentage of people to wake up to what is going on for it to all appear in plain view. If just a small percentage understand that money is nothing more than shared debt created by the Bankers to control us, or that all major religions are one of the major control mechanisms used for thousands of years to keep us subservient to some fake deity, while pitting one clan of pseudo religious followers against another, creating massive wars to destabilise us, while they create billions of dollars for themselves.

Wake up people, religion is a smoke screen created to manipulate and control. Do you really think that Jesus of Nazareth would look on Ratzinger as his representative on Earth. Sitting there in his gold palace in Rome, what a fine example of Christian love he is.

To beat them, you must learn their techniques, and simply understand what they are doing. We are so conditioned to believe what we are told, right from tiny children when if teacher said it was right, we knew it was right. To be honest, it makes you a bit paranoid because you look at any news story and question the real agenda.

Take Sandy Hook for example, what the hell was going on there? We get Obama, wiping tears from his eyes, except I didn’t actually see any tears, video footage of a grieving parent talking about his little girl, but caught on film a few seconds before the main event laughing and mouthing the same words as the voice over, as if it was a carefully rehearsed script. I don’t know if that was genuine, or a set up, but something about that film made me very uneasy.

All I’m really trying to say here is be aware of how they manipulate and control you. Facebook, Twitter, & Google all have hidden agendas. That’s why they are fun to use, to draw you in.

Take my advice, bin them all, as soon as possible.


One thought on “Subliminal Message In New Kellogg’s Advert.

  1. Perfectly put. .I have been trying to pacify a family because of a simple question that was asked to a narrow minded parent whose head is obsessed with conspiracy theories to the extent that he bullies his views across with frightening aggression. He has terrified his children. . One is having counselling for fear of war and asteroids, child sacrifice and secret societies and all things deeply negative. I have my eyes fully open and and know a lot of what he is trying to say is credible but noone will ever listen to him. .I will make him read this as it says exactly what I have been trying to say. .thank you. .

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