Facebook Censoring Alternative Media Sites, Really, You Surprise Me!

homerOld Christopher D Spivey is kicking off over on Spivey again today, well actually yesterday to be honest, but I’ve not gone to bed yet, so it’s still today to me.

He’s done a great piece on Piers Morgan, to which all I can say is pay him more CNN, keep the Smuck over there, and yes, I know what a smuck is, although it is based on circumstantial evidence.

But the real story that got me going on Spivey is the Max Keiser post regarding Faceache taking down alternative media sites. I agree with a lot of the stuff Spivey posts, and of course, I agree with this one, but it’s not really news, this has been happening for months. The media war has already started and we only have ourselves to blame.

How on earth have we, supposedly intelligent people allowed our global masters to dominate a free internet in the way they have. Forget eBay and Paypal for a minute, their guys have been attending Bilderberg for years, or so I’m led to believe, but the four main internet sites people use today are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google.

As far as the social media sites go, these have to be the greatest con trick in the history of mankind. We all rush to post our most intimate details on them for the world to see. They are nothing but a massive overt information gathering network. They are there for a reason, and that reason is not to spread the word about the Globalist agenda, of course they are going to shut down pages that tell the truth they don’t want people to know about. DOH!

YouTube has been shutting down channels for ages, because it is owned by Google. It’s not a friendly video sharing site anymore, everything is controlled and monitored. If you post a video (funny how we still use that word) of a cat doing a handstand on top a blokes bald head the clip[ stays up. Try posting a video exposing the corruption that is controlling the world, different story.

And as for Google, OMG, it places little programs on your machine that monitor your usage, can take over your webcam without your knowledge, and now tries to force you to sign in before you can do anything. Do you honestly think the searches you bring up on Google are anonymous, or indeed accurate? We have noticed very strange things happening to our ratings on Google in recent months.

Kick them all out, stop using them. There are alternatives out there. If you use Blogger, get rid of it, use an independent platform like WordPress, or better still self host like we do. Use one of the privacy guaranteed search engines like Ixquick or Duck Duck, you really don’t need a Hoover to vacume a carpet.

Stop using the very tools they have put in place to control you, “simples!” (Is that copyright, I do hope McAlpine hasn’t got shares in Meerkat .com)

Oh, and yes, we do use Twitter and Facebook ourselves, as a mirror auto post of this site. We started on Facebook a couple of months ago, I’m sure my 4 followers would be devesated if we vanish.


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