The Globalists Are Making Their Move

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Kevin Field writes

Americans have again had a horrific shooting in which children were targeted for killing, this is the latest of a series of similar attacks, Mossad informants tell us that Connecticut was chosen because they were the first US state to ban Mercury fillings in peoples teeth and plan to take this across the USA along with an anti-Flouridation in the drinking water programme.
Rothschild owns all the Mercury mines and the only real use for it is in peoples teeth, strangely if you spill Mercury on the floor it is deemed so toxic that a team will come out in one piece suits to dig it from the floorboards, yet they fill our kids teeth with it, it is possible that this was a revenge attack on Connecticut exactly as claimed.
The main  reason for the government School attacks psyops against the US electorate is so the people call for a gun ban,
the people need to be made defenceless before the government can implement the Fema camp legislation and
lock up all dissidents and “useless eaters”.
The Rothschild’s planned and funded the 1917 Russian revolution allowed Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to bring starvation and mass murder to the people and the US communist system is now bringing it to you, but first you must be disarmed.
The 9/11 attacks have been exposed as the biggest false flag attack of modern times, that a government would do this to its own nation is evil of the highest order, yet alone what it is doing to Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria etc
many Americans are saying ” our senate would not do this to us ” yet they fund and  allow the genocide of Palestinians and the wiping of Palestine from the map so why wouldnt they allow this too ?
Whistleblowers in both Britian and the USA say a US civil war has long been planned, the population will be intentionally decimated in line with Bilderberg goals.

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