David Icke. The Reason Lord Alistair McAlpine Has Not Taken Legal Action Against Him

Alexander Baron

Alexander Baron

Back on November 18  2012 we wrote a post asking why Lord Alistair McAlpine had not sued David Icke  . Fair enough question we thought, still haven’t had an answer yet, didn’t really expect one either. After the early panto performance by the BBC and ITV having to cough up large chunks of dosh while we all shouter  “He’s behind you”, things have gone pretty quiet on the McAlpine Twitter front.  (Do you know anyone who either settled out of court, or has been sued?)

So, I got quite excited tonight when I found an article posted on Digital Journal by Alexander Baron under the heading  “Op-Ed: Why Lord McAlpine will not sue David Icke for libel

At last, here are all the answers I’ve been waiting for. Well, I read the article a couple of times and was a little disappointed at the reason given, it’s because David Icke is a nutter. Well thanks for wasting my time Alexander Baron, semi-retired cyber journalist, how much time did that take you?

Here is the section where he reveals this outstanding piece of journalistic research

Lord McAlpine could sue David Icke, so could many other people, but they don’t and almost certainly never will. Why?

Because defamation is that which lowers one’s reputation in the eyes of right thinking men and women. Thus, a Times or BBC report that brands a man a paedophile, a murderer, or even a mere thief, may well damage his reputation, because – their political detractors aside – these media outlets have their own reputations. If you read something in the Times or hear it broadcast by the BBC, you can be assured with a high degree of confidence that the news you have digested is true. Can the same thing be said in all honesty about David Icke?”

I don’t normally swear, but I nearly pissed myself laughing, “If you read something in the Times or hear it broadcast by the BBC, you can be assured with a high degree of confidence that the news you have digested is true.” What MSM planet is Alexander Baron on? What that sentence should read is “If you read something in the Times or hear it broadcast by the BBC, you can be assured with a high degree of confidence that the news you have digested is manipulated to sell whatever agenda they are currently trying to hypnotise you with today .”

Maybe that’s a little unfair, after all, the Times is owned by Murdoch, and as for the BBC, need I say more.

As usual, I digress, so the big secret as to why Alistair McAlpine hasn’t sued Icke is because Icke isn’t a trustworthy news source. I really don’t think it works like that Mr Baron, David Icke has grown from the most ridiculed man on the planet, to a respected leading campaigner against the system that controls me, and more so, you. The difference between us Mr Baron is that I have started to open my eyes to the evil control system that operates on this planet. Do I blindly believe everything Icke says, no, I don’t blindly believe anything anyone says, I take the time to do my own research and form my own opinion.

Baron then goes on to explain how David Icke would not be able to defend any action taken against him. What the hell is the point of including that when you haven’t yet made a decent case as to why Alistair McAlpine hasn’t, and Ted Heath didn’t go after Icke!

He finishes, with this classic paragraph

“In this case though, the trolls have directed their malice against the wrong person, and have paid the price. Mr Icke can continue to rant and rave, and probably will, but no one who matters is listening, including Lord McAlpine.

Not quite the way I would sum up the situation, still even Alexander Baron is entitled to his opinion. If you want to class people seeking the truth as Trolls, that’s your choice, and I will defend your right to do so, except, this whole story comes out of the disgusting Sir Jimmy Savile, paedophile friend of the Royal family case, so my judgement is a little clouded.

While on the subject of suing people, McAlpine never sued Scallywags magazine either. He claims it was because they were going bankrupt. John Major did of course, and successfully won the case after they wrongly claimed he was having an affair with Clare Latimer in 1993. How could he have been, the poor old grey chap was too busy having rumpy bumpy with Edwina Curry. Talk about “go to work on an egg”

I was going to finish this piece by suggesting that you have a look at some of the art collection McAlpine used to own before he donated it to an Australian Art Gallery, including some by work by Artist Graham Ovenden, but to be fair, that would be a cheap shot at the respected tax exile. Anyway, I don’t really understand art, show me a masterpiece  by Constable or Turner and I see incredible talent, show me some of Ovendens grubby work, and all I see is a dirty old pervert.  Perhaps I should spend more time watching BBC Four.


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