What Is the Truth Behind The Hoax Phone Call & Jacintha Saldanha’s Death?

King Edward VII Hospital.

I’ve been holding fire on posting my feelings about the “Hoax Phone Call / Dead Nurse” story because things just do not add up in my simplistic head.

Before I continue, we have to face the fact that this poor woman is dead, nothing in this post is intended to undermine her suffering or that of her friends, family or work colleagues, and as with anyone when tragedy strikes, our thoughts are with you.

OK, back to this very strange story, why do I have bad feelings? Well, it simply does not add up or make sense.

  1. Why exactly was Kate Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, or Windsor as we know her in hospital in the first place. They say it was morning sickness, really? I know the Queen Mother’s excuse for constant medical treatment was fish bones stuck in her throat, but a seemingly healthy young woman in hospital for morning sickness?
  2. The King Edward VII Hospital is very used to dealing with Royal visitors, sorry patients. Wasn’t this the same place that dear old Prince Philip Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glucksberg , sorry Battenberg, sorry Mountbatten, went this year to have one of his many MOT’s? Worth mentioning here that the Duke is not Greek, as is often portrayed. He shares the same Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria, as was his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. Other Royal customers include Elizabeth Saxa-Coburg-Gotha, AKA Windsor, AKA The Queen, her late sister Margaret, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Countess of Wessex with her ectopic pregnancy. In fact, the hospital was founded by Agnes Keyser, a mistress of the then Prince of Wales – soon to be King Edward VII, as a hospital for sick and wounded officers returning from the Boer war. So, how on earth could a second rate radio station in Australia get through security and actually speak to the ward that Kate was supposedly in? There is, in our opinion only one answer, the call was supposed to get through to back up the morning sickness story. If you’ve heard the tape you will realise that apart from the unbelievably poor impersonation, that would fool no one, the girl DJ refers to Kate as “my grand daughter”. Sorry dear reader, there is no way a NHS hospital would fall for this, let alone the premier private hospital in the UK.
  3. Right from the very start of this story, it has been suggested that this poor women committed suicide! How can that be said before an inquest? It may well be correct, and now the MSM are suggesting a suicide note has been found, but all we really know at this stage is that she is dead.
  4. Why did one of the presenters Michael Christian say that the decision to broadcast the call “goes far above”. The emphasis on “far above” is very important here and infers that the decision came from the very top.
  5. Why would putting a spoof call through to another nurse lead to someone taking their own life?

Nothing about the official version of this story makes any sense. I’m not going to speculate on the truth behind what’s going on here any further, but my feeling is that it is a lot darker than we are being fed by the MSM. One thing is certain however, Mel Greig and Michael Christian are bit part players in this whole saga, it’s not their fault.


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