X Factor Final Results Tonight. Is It Finished In The UK. Who Cares!!!

Simon Cowell greeting his adoring fans.

To me, X Factor is the show that ruins a good summer.

As soon as it starts my heart sinks, because you know the Sheeple with be all consumed by it until Christmas. At least Dancing On Ice has the anticipation of the odd broken limb to spice things up.

So it came as quite a surprise to find it featuring on Drudge today, although to be fair, the story was about it’s poor ratings this year.

The bottom line here is that the MSM produce these trite brain dead programs to hypnotise the masses into not caring what is happening around them. Never mind that we are about to invade Syria, which could spark off world war III.

Funny really, I don’t even know why I’m posting this. If you know anything about X Factor, the chances are you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.


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