Royal Nurse Pranksters At 2dayFM Taken Off Air

The two Australian DJ’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian at the center of the Royal pregnancy hoax call prank have been taken off air until further notice. Fair enough, but the headlines in the UK are so vile they make you want to vomit. The Mail splashed all over today’s issue ‘You have her blood on your hands’: World horrified by sick pranksters who boasted even as tragedy unfolded – and now they’ve been taken off air.

There’s nothing like jumping on the bandwagon is there. Please explain what is sick about the second rate call they made? It was nothing that any broadcaster wouldn’t do given the same circumstances. If there is any blame here, it has to be the procedures in place at the hospital. What happened to this nurse between taking the call and her being found dead that drove her to this sad end?

This pair in Australia saw an opportunity to poke fun at the  circus surrounding the Royal announcement  Yes, it’s turned tragically wrong, and we mustn’t dilute the awful outcome, but don’t blame the radio hosts, they were just doing their job.



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