Is Angela Merkel Adolf Hitlers Daughter?

Running a site like this, all sorts of information gets forwarded to us. The odd thing is, often it appears totally out of the blue. I might be scanning a site looking for something totally unconnected, and a word catches my eye, which leads me in a totally unexpected direction. When I say leads me, it almost feels like I’m being guided to explore a subject that is completely different to where I intended to go.

I am fascinated by the current Kate Middleton morning sickness story, only because a voice in my head is telling me that this is a cover story for something much darker and deeper than the MSM have been instructed to report. Quite unexpectedly I stumbled upon a site who have an article exploring the possibility that Hitlers sperm was collected, frozen and Angela Merkel is the result. OMG, what a load of old nonsense is my first thought, after all, I’ve read everything from Hitler survived the war and ended up living in South America, to he was sent off to a secret base on the moon. But when you real the article, it makes you think. As always, you be the judge. Read more


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