Piers Morgan Manipulates Jesse Ventura on CNN. Wake up People.

I used to have a lot of respect for Piers Morgan. He was a hard hitting news editor who, although irritating at times, stood up for what he believed in. Morgan, was editor of the Murdoch owned, disgraced News of the World, and then the Daily Mirror from which he  was sacked over alleged fake photo’s of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi. It is still my belief that he was stitched up over this, and fell foul of the same control mechanism that forced Greg Dyke out of the BBC over the Dr David Kelly affair.

However, after a few series of “Britain and Americas Got Talent” Morgan has sold his soul to the CNN devil and turned from poacher to gamekeeper.

In a recent interview with Jesse Ventura, he demonstrated that money talks, and those with the most, talk loudest. One of the most interesting parts comes at 29:00 when Ventura is demolishing him over building 7. Morgan utters these words ” Are you seriously trying to tell me that The British Broadcasting Company, one of the most respected news organisations in the world was inventing huge buildings falling over” He goes on to say Ventura needs a break and while fading to the break, the floor manager or someone is clearly seen walking on and saying something to Ventura. (Looks like Jesse overstepped the CNN mark here).

I don’t think the BBC is that respected now Piers, and like the rest of the MSM, it does and say’s what it is told. (also, a little pedantic maybe, it’s not been a company since 1927, it’s a corporation that put’s people in prison for not paying a licence fee). You also got a bit of a grubbing in the Leverson Report didn’t you Piers. In fact Leveson called your testimony “utterly unpersuasive”. OUCH.


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