Why We Haven’t Named The Children’s TV Presenter Quizzed By Police.

I received an emailed today asking why we didn’t name the  TV presenter questioned by police, after all, it’s all over the internet, there are clue’s being given by the Australian press, so why not just tell everyone. The answer is clear and simple, we don’t have any proof.

We don’t have the massive following  of sites like Spivey, so while we do find out lots of information that we would love to use, unless we can verify it to be true, we are not in the business of spreading gossip.  Savile was a different matter, a) because it was obvious he was a creepy old man and b) because he was dead. Same goes for Cyril Smith and Edward Heath. David Icke published allegations about former Prime Minister Ted Heath in 1999, as he also did about Alistair McAlpine, so it was never really news.

However, this current story is different because all we have is hearsay, and to be honest, part of me feels the same as I did when, as a child, I found out that Santa wasn’t real. If this report is true, then I am much more naive than I thought I was.


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