Rotherham Council Foster Case. Now Cameron and Farage Hit Headlines.

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling that a story you report on is much bigger than the initial context in which you see it. This is exactly what has happened with the Rotherham foster parents story.

It’s now all over the MSM, dragging up comments “call me Dave” Cameron made about UKIP members back in 2006 on news talk station LBC 97.3 in London. Now I can understand Nigel Farage  being upset by Cameron’s off the cuff remark, goaded by big boy Nick Ferrari, because UKIP is not a racist party, however, for me the main thrust of this story should be what the hell are Rotherham Council doing here, not why hasn’t Cameron apologised for something said in 2006.

As we said yesterday, Rotherham council is still embroiled in a child sex grooming scandal read more. Why hasn’t the MSM linked this alleged scandal to the story?


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