Prince Charles Warns ‘The World Is Committing Suicide On a Grand Scale’

There’s nothing like a touch of Royal hypocrisy to set your blood boiling on a wet November evening. I have just read this load of old nonsense in the Mail read more

What really hacks me off about people like Prince Charles, close friend of the dead pervert paedophile and necrophiliac  Sir Jimmy Savile, is that they are so blinded by their own shear arrogance, they actually believe people care what they say, well the truth is Your Royal Highness, apart from the sycophantic, controlled main stream media, more and more people are waking up to realise that anything you say is irrelevant.

A Rothschild can grow their hair long, sport a beard and talk about conservation, but they are still a Rothschild.

You stand there in you expensive suit that you’ll probably wear once, with a carbon footprint bigger than a third world country, and lecture us on  false science created to enslave the masses into paying ever more taxes to the banksters who run the show.  You’ll be trying to convince us next that David de Rothschild, the Pseudo hippy son of trillionaire Banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild,  really gives a stuff about conservation.

Ironic isn’t it that in today’s world of GMO’s, Chem trails,  poisoned water, contaminated vaccinations, and any other method these people can dream up to destroy the population, Prince Charles farms thousands of acres of organic land in the Duchy of Cornwall. I guess those at the top have to get their clean food from somewhere.

The joke is that carbon is the life blood of this planet. Carbon dioxide increases when the planet warms, not the other way round. Simple physics that we all learn’t at secondary school, well those of us of a certain age did anyway. They can’t yet tax the air we breath in, so they tax the CO2 we breath out.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten, it was Prince Charles, the future King and head of the Church of England who stood in St Pauls Cathedral and made a commitment for life to Lady Dianna Spencer in front of the world and god. Got to laugh haven’t you.


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