Lord Alistair McAlpine to Donate Twitter Loot to Children In Need

Maggie and Al were pretty talking people, but I can tell you people they were the………………(to be read with the tune of Bonnie and Clyde in your head).

I don’t know why, but I was thinking about poor old Lord Alistair McAlpine today. He’s been having such a tough time recently  what with the BBC’s “News Night” not mentioning him, and ITV’s  “This Morning” also not mentioning him, he must be feeling a bit left out. He has had a bit of coverage on Twitter I think, so that seems likely to raise a few bob for Children in Need. (I love ironic humor) source

Anyway, I was wondering how much this former Tory treasurer is putting back into the UK disaster fund after the Banksters robbed it blind. Would you “Adam and Eve” it, this fine English gent lives in Italy, giving up his seat in the House of Lords a few years back to avoid the “non dom” rule, i.e, if you sit in the Lords, you must reside in the UK and pay UK tax. It appears that Lord McAlpine didn’t want to pay UK tax after all. source

Bet he wishes he hadn’t given his art collection away in 1996 to an Australian gallery. Might be worth a few quid now, especially the work by Graham Ovenden. (stick that name in Google images) source

God, it’s a real pain having to include source links, but we don’t want to be accused of being biased.


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