Schofield The Gopher. ITV’s Part in The Jimmy Savile Friends Cover Up

The more I think about this, the more I feel this was all part of the mass media diversion tactic. I do not believe for one minute that Philip Schofield would try to wrong foot David Cameron on the flag ship “This Morning” program.

He is the total professional, and knows exactly how far he can take things. Lets not forget that Schofield only got the “This Morning” gig after the John Leslie sex scandal If this was really an unscripted move by Schofield, it was extremely high risk. The astonishing thing is that Cameron warns of a witch hunt, particually against people who are gay. How on earth could Cameron say something like that, what’s being gay got to do with being a pervert paedophile, he might just as well have said “people who are left handed”, or “red heads”.

This really appears to have been just part of the smoke screen, much like the News Night program where they didn’t name anyone.

Come on people, wake up, understand how the media play the game. No way would Schofield  jeopardise his high highly paid job.

And why is the media playing down Cameron  linking  paedophlia with being gay???


One thought on “Schofield The Gopher. ITV’s Part in The Jimmy Savile Friends Cover Up

  1. The corporate-media has been claiming that it was possible to see names on Schofield’s list, but did anyone actually see any? Did anyone republish the names based on what they saw thus proving that the information was readable? I’m keeping my own powder dry for the time being, but I tend to agree with you.

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