Sir Paul McCartney Announces Show to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims.

Sir Paul McCartney, better known as brother of Mike McGear from the successful 1960’s group The Scaffold, is all set to organize a special concert to support victims of hurricane Sandy.

Talk about “Bandwagon on the Run”. When will these people stop using their fame to squeeze more money from the “poor people”  in the street. Where were you in 1971 for the The Concert For Bangladesh?, oh yes, I remember, you were sulking over the legal problems caused by the break up of that group you were in.

Not being nasty, but after the opening of the 2012 Olympics, do us all a favor,  get your check book out and make an anonymous donation from the royalties of “We All Stand Together” or “Mull of Kintyre”, straight to the “Victims Of Sandy” fund, and forget the concert.

Nothing is more sickening than people with enormous wealth, boosting their equally enormous ego’s on the back of tragic events.

If you really insist on organizing this concert, leave the singing to Ringo.


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