Why Has Lord McAlpine Not Taken Legal Action Against David Icke?

If you ever wanted an example of how the mainstream media works, the “is Lord McAlpine  a Paedo” affair is a great example. Here’s a quote from the Telegraph “The former Conservative Party treasurer is “in very good nick” and is pleased to have made a strong start in clearing his name after a BBC Newsnight report sparked false internet rumours that he was a paedophile, a close friend said on Friday.” Well jolly good for him.

So McAlpine has settled for £185,000 plus damages from the BBC. Let’s not forget that the BBC is funded by a tax on the British public, which if unpaid, can land then in prison. So he has actually settled for £185,000 from the British public so something that never happened.

Much to the annoyance of the Twitter lovers out there, Newsnight did not name him, so why the payout?

The BBC Newsnight program was used as a trigger to start the whole media cover up. All of a sudden, everyone is running scared of legal action, frantically writing about how McAlpines reputation had been damaged. Here is what the Mirror says about it “A Newsnight investigation broadcast on November 2 said a senior Tory figure was involved in abuse at the Bryn Estyn children’s home.

Although the programme did not name Lord McAlpine, he was subsequently named on blogs and social media sites such as Twitter.

However, it later emerged he had been incorrectly identified, leading to a full apology from abuse victim Steven Messham and the BBC itself.

The false allegations have already led to the resignation of BBC director general George Entwistle and followed heavy criticism for the corporation and Newsnight over a dropped investigation into claims of child abuse against Jimmy Savile.

OK Lord McAlpine, as we have no direct proof either way, please publicly answer this simple question:

Why have you never taken any legal action against David Icke, who publicly names you in the final paragraph on page 306 of his book the Biggest Secret, expanding on the allegations naming top tory politicians on page 307?

If the British Public are fair game for your litigation by using Twitter, why not Icke . And please do not use the “Icke is a nutter” excuse. He wrote about you in graphic detail, it’s either true, therefore no action could be taken, or false, therefore you had the power and influence to finish him off for good.

As far as we are aware, and by Icke’s own admission nothing was done, bit odd really.



2 thoughts on “Why Has Lord McAlpine Not Taken Legal Action Against David Icke?

  1. “The BBC Newsnight program was used as a trigger to start the whole media cover up”.

    “Trigger” would be the right word, it seems. Especially after the neo-Machiavellian fake-accusation revelation, the whole thing has a whiff of the “set up” about it. Icke has issued what is tantamount to a challenge to sue, but of course, it doesn’t get mentioned in the corporate media; I think everything hangs on whether this happens or not.

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