New vaccine for Meningitis B approved

A  new vaccine against the deadliest form of meningitis is approved for use in the UK.

The 4CMenB vaccine, which has been developed by pharmaceutical company Novartis under the trade name Bexsero, received a “positive opinion” verdict from the European Medicines Agency on Friday, meaning that it is considered safe and effective. It is expected to receive its UK licence early next year.

Meningitis UK called the news “the biggest leap forward in the field in the three decades”.

The charity wants the vaccine to be introduced into the Government’s routine immunisation schedule as soon as possible, so it will be automatically given to children. The jab is recommended for those aged two months and older.

The UK has one of the highest incidence rates of meningitis in the world.

Meningitis B accounts for about 90 per cent of cases in this country and is the most deadly of the many strains of the disease. It affects an average of 1,870 people a year, many of them children, and kills one in 10 patients.

One in four sufferers are left with life changing after-effects such as brain damage and limb loss, with children under five most at risk. Meningitis has been known to kill babies and toddlers in under four hours.

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Why do I always get a chill down my spine when a new vaccine is announced. I have no idea how safe this vaccine is, but look at the stats. 1,870 people contract the B strain of meningitis in the UK. It kills 10%, so 187 die each year, which is of course tragic.  If the vaccine is 100% safe, happy days, many of those 187 lives will be saved.

But that isn’t how these things work, all vaccines carry a risk. Out of a population of about 66,000,000, 187 is 0.00028%, which is a tiny percentage. Lets say 1 in 20,000 could be affected by the vaccine (that is totally made up, just to demonstrate the point) That to is a fairly acceptable risk. However, it means that 3300 people would be affected. Do you see the point here, a vaccine can only be effective if it eliminates the illness, and itself causes less problems.

All we are saying here, is to do your research before agreeing to have anyone pump chemicals into your body.


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