Dave Lee Travis Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Offences.

When this whole sordid Jimmy Savile Paedophile affair hit the headlines weeks ago, we warned that their would be cover ups, and the odd sacrificial lamb thrown to the baying public to divert away from the real story. Well, here is a fine example of how effective this investigation is. Dave Lee Travis (real name  David Patrick Griffin) has been arrested. Well fair enough, if he is guilty then he deserves it, but where are the big names in the middle of this horrific story. Savile could not have gotten away with what he did for years without friends in high places. Please don’t let this story fade away, there are people out there, probably very well known (a bit further up the pecking order than DTL) who are guilty of appalling acts on innocent kids. They covered for Savile because he was useful, knew too much and didn’t blab.


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