Google Don’t Play Fair, Surprise Surprise.

PieReport-News has never been a money making site, it is a passion, my small way to make a difference. However, it does cost money to run,and the increased bandwidth doesn’t come cheap.

We keep ads to a minimum, but do have Google adsense on the site to try to assist with some of the running costs. I don’t like it,but it’s the simplest way to pay the bills.

The article about Will Gomertz has had so many hits today, it blew away my monthly bandwidth in just 8 hours. Not a problem, we were down for about 50 minutes. But do you know what the real joke is? Google has removed all adsense ads from that page.The rest of the site is fine, but the page with the most hits has no ads. Now try to tell me they play fair.

If anyone has any good ideas how to monetise PieReport-News without using Google, we would love to hear from you. Or maybe you have a product or service that fits into the sites style, lets us know.


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