Top Tory In Paedophile Ring, The Answer May Be Here!

When you run a site like this, information suddenly appears from the most unexpected places. Some of it can be dismissed almost straight away, but once in a while you stumble upon information that is so outrageous, so unbelievable that you have to read on.

This was the case today when I stumbled upon Chris Spivey’s site.  One of the first things I look at is what has the site got to gain by publishing what could be a load of  re-cycled rubbish. In the case of Spivey, the answer can only be nothing, whereas he has everything to lose.

Here is a guy who tells it as he sees it, much like Icke, but without the “son of god” baggage. I really urge you to visit the site, a lot of the answers you are searching for can be found there. Hat’s off to you Chris.


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