Steven Messham Will Expose TopTory in Paedophile Ring to Scotland Yard This Week

Report by James Fielding

THE sex abuse victim filmed by the BBC as part of an investigation into a paedophile at the heart of government will name the senior Conservative to police.

Steven Messham will tell Scotland Yard this week that one of his abusers was a key member of the Tory Party. He was contacted by detectives yesterday following a Newsnight report into allegations of an elite child sex ring that preyed on youngsters at a North Wales care home.

The highly respected politician, who enjoyed close ties to Margaret Thatcher’s government, was not named in the programme because of legal constraints.

However, Mr Messham told the Sunday Express the identity of his alleged abuser. He said the sexual assaults spanned 18 months from 1977 when he was 13.

He said he was:

Sexually abused in a hotel room by the political figure and the son of a lord as well as seven other paedophiles.

Tied up and raped by the top Tory.

Warned afterwards that he would be killed if he ever breathed a word to anyone.

Mr Messham, who lived at the Bryn Estyn home near Wrexham, said: “It happened time and time again, it was terrifying. There were a group of paedophiles who would regularly abuse boys at the home.

“One of them was a very senior member of the Conservative Party and someone very close to the establishment. Most of the abuse took place on a Sunday evening for some reason, I don’t know why.

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