Peacocks Offer 10% Plus Chance to Win £100 in Vouchers. Don’t Make me Laugh!

Great news everyone, Peacocks are offering 10% discount to anyone spending £10 or more, plus a chance to win £100 in vouchers. Great, well we’ve got a better idea  for THE EDINBURGH WOOLLEN MILL GROUP LTD who are the new owners of Peacocks. How about offering something to the thousands of customers who gave Peacocks vouchers last Christmas and lost everything?

We know you weren’t responsible for Peacocks last year, but what a great sign of good faith to say to all of the people who were conned last Christmas when the previous owners allowed vouchers to be purchased, knowing full well that they were about to go bust.

“What did you buy with your £20 Peacocks voucher I gave you for Christmas Nanny?”  “Nothing darling, the wicked system allowed them to steal your £20.00 pocket money. Never mind sweetie, it’s better that you learn the world is a wicked place at 6 years old, than grow up with a little hope in your soul”.


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