Ben Garrison Great New Obama & Romney Cartoon

By Ben Garrison

Snakes in The Grass

There is a schism in the Garrison household. My wife Tina is voting for the ‘lesser of two evils-Romney.” I am not voting. I will not give sanction to evil. For me it was Ron Paul or nobody at all. Since the nomination was stolen from him, it looks like it’s nobody at all!

 There is little difference between Romney and Obama. Both are pro-war, pro-statism and pro-Federal Reserve. Both were pro-bailout-trillions of dollars for the criminal banks. Both have received millions from those big banks-and from Goldman Sachs in particular. Both think Ben Bernanke should be reappointed. Both are pro-NDAA and the big government takeover of America. The difference between the candidates is inconsequential. It’s window dressing. A left-right puppet show paradigm.
 Ron Paul may have been our last hope, but the Republican primaries were obviously and outrageously rigged in favor of the globalist candidate-Romney. This is why I won’t be voting for Gary Johnson-the libertarian candidate. Even if he received a landslide amount of votes, the elections would still be rigged in favor of either globalist candidate. It is futile to vote. It’s rigged. Voting machines are hacked. Dead people get to vote-multiple times. Ballots are lost or destroyed. It’s all a joke. An insult. It’s a patriotic duty to NOT participate in this farce.
Reposted with kind permission of Ben Garrison
If you haven’t seen Ben’s brilliant work, click the above link, the guy is a genius. There is a great double page feature about Ben and his work in this months InfoWars Magazine. Check it out via the link on the menu.

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