Will Gompertz Calls David Icke “Nuts” on BBC

Appearing in BBC’s News comedy program “Have I Got News For You”, BBC Art Critic Will Gomert, when presented with an image of David Icke, immediately called him nuts. He then went on to say he was doing rather well at the moment with a sell out 6000 people Wembly gig, only to spoil it by saying it was 11 hours of “Bxxxxxks”.

Two things we found fascinating about this BBC attempt to knock Icke, firstly it fell rather flat. Merton and Hislop didn’t get involved in the usual attack, and much was said about how successful his 11 hour show, without notes was. The other interesting thing was that out of all the people Icke should be pictured with, the BBC chose Ted Heath, who Icke has been saying for years was a child killing paedophile. Could it be that a producer at the BBC knows more than they are letting on.

As for Will Gompertz, draw your own conclusions, but as my grandma used to say, if he looks like a dick, acts like a dick, and sounds like a dick, he’s probably a dick.

Update 4 November 2012

We’ve just realised that this post may appear to be slightly unfair to the £160,000 a year BBC arts editor who was appointed to the new role in 2009 shortly after a  one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe, during which he asked the audience to draw pictures of willies.

So, in the hope to be more balanced to Mr Gompertz, who boasts close links with Alan Yentob and former BBC director-general Mark Thompson who created the post of Arts Editor, we are sorry if we made you appear a bit odd, here is replacement image.


5 thoughts on “Will Gompertz Calls David Icke “Nuts” on BBC

  1. lol what a picture of Icke they chose. The typical propaganda “search for a picture which makes him look nuts”. They are so desperately trying to discredit him that it gets more and more obvious.
    Will Gompertz is the typical “I sold my soul for a mainstream career” guy. I mean just look at him and how he is presenting himself. It´s obvious he is a very self-obsessed person. Like most of the mainstream tv faces. That´s why people like him are chosen for this jobs. Because they are useful idiots who aren´t consciously aware of what they are doing. Only brainwashed sheep can take this guy serious,

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