New Google Laptop Goes on Sale, The New Chromebook.

Great news everyone, the new Google / Samsung laptop has been launched. The lightweight 2.5lbs computer revolves around the internet search engine giant’s Chrome web browser.

Samsung and Google are aiming to encourage cloud-based computing with their new gadget, with the Chromebook laptop running without a hard-drive.

‘This is a big step in the journey for us,’ said Google executive Sundar Pichai at the launch. ‘I think it’s generally an exciting time in the computing industry.’

The wi-fi Chromebook is on sale across the US, priced at $249 (£229), and will also be available through online retailer Amazon.

To tell you the truth, it looks brilliant, in a Macbook Air sort of way. Using new chip design it runs cool, so no need for 3rd degree burns on you knees like some high end laptops. And just look at the price WOW, $249 or £229 (isn’t there a slight currency conversion mistake there?)

It is sleek and sexy, just what today’s consumers are looking for, and without the need for a built in hard drive, light and very portable. Nope, try as we may, I really can’t find a problem here at all, it has to be a winner. Millions of new owners using a very sexy little miracle, and it comes with 100 gig of cloud storage, so your personal data will be safe and secure in Googles hands, can’t think of anything better.

Just think how much time it saves Google. Instead of  harvesting personal data using Street View Vehicles,  we now give it to them free of charge, Genius. (Have they destroyed all that data they were ordered too yet?)

I do think they have the price point wrong though, instead of $249, this sexy little beast should sell for $666.



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