Main Stream Media Does Hatchet Job On Icke.

Under the headline “David Icke is not the Messiah. Or even that naughty. But boy, can he drone on” self confessed Illuminati member (at least I think that’s what she claimed, simply by being a journalist) Susie Mesure did a cracking main stream media job of denouncing David Icke as a money grabbing nut job.

In her first paragraph reporting on Icke’s Wembley gig, which lasted a reported 9.5 hours plus breaks (she only managed 2), she gets in as many media  Ickeisms as she can muster. Terry Wogan, “they’re laughing at you not with you, the new messiah  former goal keeper and sports commentator blah blah.

As a critique of Ickes one man show, it didn’t really offer much of an insight. As a measure of how the mainstream media are still trying ignore the massively growing awakening to the true reality we have to deal with, it was a masterpiece.

Read the article here:

We would love to hear any responses from anyone who attended.


4 thoughts on “Main Stream Media Does Hatchet Job On Icke.

  1. Yeh, I attended David Icke’s presentation at Wembley Arena. He is an outstanding communicator, certainly the best I’ve ever heard. He conveyed his information very clearly, but it helps if you have an insight into what he believes beforehand. However, Susie Mesure’s article is, IMHO, highly offensive. Not just to David himself but to those, like myslef, who went. This charmless hack didn’t bother to research the subject as a professional journalist would normally do, she was totally clueless. Susie Mesure is a pretty good example of the dumbing down of the graduate education system if you ask me.
    Oxford University, my arse!
    David himself identified the problem of course, when he said is it any wonder that people are turning to alternative media to get the true facts!

  2. I also attended and what an atmosphere! It was amazing. David was concise and totally on the ball even though he didn’t sleep the night before.

    His committment to truth and justice should shame our political leaders (who clearly have conflicts of interest and dark secrets) such as Francis Maude who is a member of the Trilateral Commission.

  3. My wife and I were a couple of the 6000 whom Susie Mesure referred to as “Icke-ites” last Saturday at Wembley.
    What an awesome day (apart from the lousy seating in the arena). Icke is a fantastic communicator and he helped us to connect the dots, giving us a much clearer picture of what is really going on in this world(and to an extent beyond).I first saw him in Canterbury about 20 years ago. He was speaking to about twenty people in a small hall.How things have changed with millions of people all over the world beginning to wake up, much of this due to researchers like Icke. I think that Icke is a good man who works on a love vibration and is not a money grabber. As he said on the day “The truth will set you free but at first it pisses you off”. I can really equate to that. I do believe that there is a greater force that is working will him and protecting him and that good will eventually overcome evil.As for the likes of Susie Mesure I think that she should do some serious research before writing such shallow hit pieces.The Lion sleeps no more.

  4. I wasn’t there but have watched some clips. I take some of David ickes views with a pinch of salt, but for a journalist to turn up late, then not report on the actual content and use old anti Icke filler is just terrible journalism. Shame on the inde. David made a point about us humans focusing too much on the self and this being a cause of world problems. Including journlalists in this as they won’t report the truth because of career concerns. I wonder if Suzy was present for that part? A point well made by icke then proven by Suzy as the article was all about who?.. Herself

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