Paedophile Jimmy Savile is Not The Real Story That Needs Exposing.

What club do you belong to Jim?

I’ve hinted in previous posts that there is more to this story than is being reported. The real story is how widespread is this ring, and how far up does it go?  Why was it released in the first place, by ITV of all networks. It is now common knowledge that the BBC allegedly suppressed the story, and by all accounts covered it up while he was still a mainstream presenter, so why would ITV suddenly do an exposé on him. Was it a deliberate plan to get the story out into the open and kill it for once and for all, that went very wrong? Whatever the truth and reasons, this is not a story just about a dirty old dead pervert.

When you analise it, who exactly was Savile, and why was he so popular?

Savile with Yorkshire Ripper Sutcliffe, and Frank Bruno



Was he a great broadcaster, no, he was creepy and embarrassing.  As a kid growing up in the 60’s, when he presented TOTP’s it was always a real let down, like watching your Dad dance at parties. Thinking about it now, we listened to people like Johnnie Walker & Robbie Dale on Caroline, while the BBC forced the likes of Savile, Pete Murray, David Jacobs and Alan (Fluff) Freeman onto us. Now I’m not linking any of those fine broadcasters to paedo Savile, will perhaps Freeman, if you believe the stories about the parties in his flat, but the point is why did he become such a big name?

This is where the real investigation should be, what was the hold that Savile had over the BBC that allowed him to act as a Paedo pimp for his pals, and who exactly were his pals?

David Icke, that bonkers king of the conspiracy theories got it spot on when he outed Savile as a Paedophile years ago. That’s the trouble with Icke, far too much of the nonsense he spouts has turned out to be true. Isn’t it embarrassing when a person like Icke, who the mainstream media tried to destroy doesn’t go away, becomes more respected by the week, and was right all along. According to Icke, this Paedophile network goes to the very top of society, in fact way past what we think of as the top. It includes bankers, top police officers, high level people in the justice system, church leaders and Royalty. If Icke is right, there is the answer, he was protected because he was very useful, and knew too much. He was also, by his own admission, “not a grass”, so could do what he liked safe in the knowledge that if was investigated, which he was, nothing would ever come of it.


If this story was investigated properly, and Icke is right, it would blow open the whole control system we are living under, but I fear it will be a whitewash, unless the perverted criminal nature of what Savile and his friends have done to these young people is enough to wake up the sleeping masses.


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