Foul Mouth Andrew Mitchell Finally Resigns As Chief Whip

Bully boy Mitchell has finally resigned as Chief Whip, and not before time. Why does it always take so long for these people to realise the game is up?
Who is Andrew Mitchell anyway. As Member of Parliament for Sutton Coldfield, this guy was voted into Parliament primarily to represent his constituents. That’s what being a member of parliament is all about, a commoner, representing the wishes of the people in the House of Commons. But these people get their head stuck so far up their own a–s they really believe they are better than the rest of us.

Push bike riding Mitchell, man of the people  is a fine example to us all, disobey what a Police officer asks, and be abusive to him. So his career as professional Tory blackmailer is over. Oh yes, that is what a Chief Whip does for a living; they collect  information about fellow members, whether it it damaging information or a persons desires and ambitions, and threaten to use it against them if they don’t vote in the way they are told. They can make or break a political career overnight. It’s all part of the game they play in this so called democratic system.


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