FBI Entraps Bangladeshi Man in Federal Reserve Bombing Plot

Authorities in New York have arrested  Bangladeshi Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis with alleged “overseas connections to al-Qaida” after a failed sting attempt to blow up the Federal Reserve. Yeah, right.

Federal prosecutors said Nafis had proposed several spots for his attack, including the New York Stock Exchange. In a letter claiming responsibility for the Federal Reserve plot, he said he wanted to “destroy America.”  Why bother when the Federal Reserve is doing such a great job already?

The contrived plot will undoubtedly allow the Federal Reserve to make the argument it is now a terrorist target. In recent years, the privately owned banking cartel has come under increasing criticism for its manipulation of the money supply and its penchant for secrecy.

Never forget, to get what you want you have to create a need for it first. The oldest sales trick in the book.



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