Food Shortages, Prices Will Rise.

Do you remember the spring of 2012. The UK was gripped in drought conditions, tumbleweed rolling down high streets, the BBC and mainstream media warning us not to waste water, the water companies enforcing hose pipe bans.


PieReport-News reported on April 17 2012 (see link) that this propaganda was a load of nonsense designed to justify massive increases in the cost of food at the end of the year. Well well, it has hardly stopped raining since April, and the dear old, BBC, who it is alleged make the catholic church seem like amateurs when it comes to covering up child abuse, are now telling us to expect higher food prices due to the unusually wet summer.

You see, the truth here seems to be that the increase in food costs was already planned, they just change the reason and hope nobody remembers.

Oh, and do you remember Global Warming, well, the Antarctic now has the most  ice ever recorded. You’ve got to love then haven’t you.


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