BBC Embroiled In Child Abuse and News Fixing Scandals.

The BBC has for far too long been untouchable. It is incredible how long this state owned and controlled mammoth global propaganda vehicle has been allowed to get away with manipulating world events, while the British public view it as a cuddly old Auntie. In fact Auntie has been it’s nick name since the 1960’s when it was given it by brilliant, but tortured broadcasting genius Kenny Everett. Closet homosexual (until very late in his career) Everett worked for, and was sacked by the BBC many times. A close and intimate friend of Freddie Mercury, he died from an Aids related condition in 1995.

The best and most ridiculous thing about the BBC is that it used by the global elite as one of it’s main worldwide voices, but is funded not by the UK government, but by direct public subscription, by law. The UK TV licence fee pays for this despicable control machine by forcing every home, regardless of whether it watches the BBC or not, to pay £145.50 per year. If you are caught without a TV licence, you can eventually face a prison sentence. If you tried to make that up, people would not believe you, a law making you pay to be brain washed.

Look at some of their output over the years, Grange Hill, a children’s TV drama about a dysfunctional school which over the course 30 years drip fed our kids with stories of drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and almost every other vile subject the mind controllers wanted to normalise. And people wonder why a teacher can get a carton of yoghurt thrown over them, and then be sacked. Eastenders, a show that airs before the 21.00 watershed, but is still crammed full of violence, gay sex, men kissing men, men kissing boys, rape, prostitution, aids, racism, homophobia,

normalised criminal activity. My god, we currently have an under-age girl, brought up in care, living with her dodgy grand dad, who was made pregnant by a gay teenager who is on remand for murdering a George Michael obsessed obese woman in her 40’s who had already had a baby after an affair with a teenage used car salesman. The BBC considers this suitable entertainment for 7.30 pm.


They are still championing the now debunked global warming nonsense. It was the BBC who famously ran a documentary about Polar Bears drowning due to shrinking ice caps. This turned out to be slightly inaccurate. (look it up yourself)

The BBC’s news output was always a trusted source of truth, particularly in the cold war days. Wish we could say the same now, remember building 7.

So why rant about them now, because more and more they are being show up to be what they really are, a massive worldwide control tool of the globalists. The UK Independent has exposed them to be fake on a massive scale.

Apart from this, it appears that the BBC is responsible for turning a blind eye to deviant sexual behaviour on a massive scale. As PieReport-News said a few days ago, the whole Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal was only the tip of the iceberg. Good people inside the BBC tried to expose him a couple of years ago, only to have the investigation axed for editorial reasons. Editorial reasons my arse, it was to cover your own arse.


Surly it is now time that people woke up to what is really going on here. All of these lies, and cover ups. It’s not just the BBC, it’s the whole system from bankers to government. One big con, carried out on a massive scale, right in front of your eyes, in fact, so blatantly in front of your eyes you don’t even know it’s happening.


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