Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton Topless Photos Hypocrisy

Firstly, who cares? Well enough people out there to make this into a huge story, that’s for sure. What makes us laugh  is the shear hypocrisy. These people who are so, so important, who we are expected to bow and grovel to because they are so special, Blue Blood Royals, use the media for their own ends, then cry foul play when they get caught out. Diana was an expert at press manipulation, and good on her we say, she knew the rules, and usually played by them brilliantly.

Look, lets get this into perspective, we are all intitled to privacy, but the house of Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, or Windsor as we know them now, can’t have it all ways. If they want privacy, get out of the public eye and lead normal lives. As long as they rely on the UK tax payer to support them, while expecting everyone to treat them with such un-dying reverence, then tough titty. (bit of an unfortunate turn of phrase)

Everyone in the UK is under surveillance 24/7. They are being watched and monitored in ways even 1984 didn’t expect. Every time they leave home their image is captured on CCTV somewhere. Car number plates are being monitored,  emails, text message, internet browsing, everything is being checked, cross referenced and stored for future use.  Google, who are part of this whole control system have been caught red handed harvesting personal data, while going around photographing every street in the kingdom. They have still not destroyed that data. Under EU rules, Google street view was only allowed to show images for 6 months, what happened there?

From the point of birth, a baby is no longer a free spirit, it is a number, part of the stock of UK PLC, a subject of Mummy Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. The best joke here is how they get away with it. The people of the UK have been so conditioned to believe this is normal, and they live in a free society, they don’t even question it. One dynastic family ruling over them for centuries. Everyone rush out and buy some flags to wave.

So now we have another intrusion into their so special private lives. You would have thought they would take a lesson from Auntie Fergie, but no, they still get caught.

Harry dressing up in Nazi costumes, being photographed naked, and now the future Queen exposed all over the french media. Take a bit of advice from us. If you want to get your breasts out, do it behind closed doors, if you want to get them out on a balcony, expect someone to see you. It’s not rocket science.


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