Alex Jones InfoWars The Magazine Explodes Into Circulation.

By any standard the first edition of InfoWars The Magazine has been an outstanding success. There is something tangible about holding a magazine rather than just reading stuff on the internet. Perhaps that’s why Kindles have become so popular.

Love him or hate him, Alex Jones is using every media possible to get the message out there. Starting out as a loud mouthed minor radio host with a bull horn, Jones is now a leading global figure in the “alternative media” movement. His daily syndicated radio programs are listened to by millions across not just the US, but the whole world. Long gone are the days of poor quality short wave radio signals crackling across the globe, Jones can be heard at any time of day on the internet, either live, or by looped transmissions. Add to that the Nightly News,,, PrisonPlanet.TV, Planet InfoWars, YouTube and Twitter you would think Jones had covered all bases. But no, we now have InfoWars The Magazine.

So why duplicate the messages and information covered so well already. Apart from being a big mouth, Jones is smart. He is aware that the internet is on the verge of changing forever. The world wide web has turned into the source for real news, uncensored, and telling it how it is, rather than the watered down biased propaganda dished out by the media moguls. And they don’t like it, because people are waking up to an uncomfortable truth, we have been conned and lied to for centuries by an elite group manipulating events for their own ends.

As with all control systems, they will shut down the free internet and make sites like impossible to access. Jones knows this so apart from stepping up the InfoWar the magazine fills one area that wasn’t already covered.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to grab a copy, you can read it online by clicking the link, and even download it.

One thing is for sure, even if they stripped him of every method of spreading the word, shut down his sites, stopped the radio show, made it illegal to distribute the magazine, nothing will stop him; he would start again by going door to door and god help you if you didn’t open it. Why, because he is committed, loves his family, life and his country.


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