TSA To Start Groping At Heathrow Airport.

With only days to go before the start of the 2012 Olympics in the UK, everything seems to be coming together nicely, if fact probably better than anyone hoped.

The torch relay has covered the country with crowds of people flocking to catch a glimpse of the symbolic flame lit in front of the ruins of the Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece. It’s a wonderful tradition that dates back as far as, well, Nazi Germany. It’s great to see the private security firms on hand, dressed in black, making sure the tradition started by Adolf goes without a hitch. It’s a fantastic way to get the population conditioned into being pushed around by paramilitary uniforms.

News broke in the last few days that G4S the contracted security firm has dismally failed to provide enough security staff forcing the Police and Army to step in and take over. We are supposed to believe that the government was not aware of these problems until now, rubbish.

How better to make the public comfortable with military personal acting as security for the Olympics games, than to create a problems that needs solving at the last minute. In the mind of most of the population of the UK, the Army is for fighting wars,there would have been outrage if the security was originally going to be handled by the military. Now that there is an urgent problem to solve, they are welcomed with open arms.

To top it all, due to inadequate security arrangements at Heathrow Airport, it has been announced that the US TSA (Transport Security Administration) is flying in to take over. Great news, considering G4S was allegedly never contracted to provide security at Heathrow.

Hang onto your genitals boys and girls, the perverts are coming to give you a good groping.


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