Nine Nations STILL Defying The Ban On Barren Battery Cages

The EU ban on the barren battery cage is almost six months old. This momentous law, campaigned for and defended so strongly by Chicken Out! supporters, has already seen over 250 million hens living lives away from the cruellest system of egg production. Thank you and well done! And there is more good news…


In the last few days, it has been confirmed that a further EU state – Bulgaria – is now fully compliant with the ban. Plus, the Government in the Netherlands has just assured our colleagues there that the country will be compliant by the end of this month.


But our battle against the barren battery cage in Europe is still not over. Farmers in nine EU nations continue to flout the law and keep hens illegally in these inhumane systems.


This is not just bad news for all the farmers across Europe who have done the right thing and complied with the ban. It is simply dreadful news for the hens involved. Their continued suffering cannot and should not be ignored.

Enough is enough: take immediate action now 

The European Commission recently reported that all of the nations still breaking the ban – barring Italy – have promised they will comply in full by the end of July.

But, unfortunately, official figures recently obtained from these nations paint a different picture. They show that tens of millions of hens still remain in awful barren cages. In many cases there appears little prospect of these countries being ready by their July ‘deadline’.

Please join us in taking action today as we target the Agriculture Ministers in the nine non-compliant nations. They must ensure their country’s farmers comply with the barren battery cage ban – not months further down the line when they are faced with court action and daily fines, but NOW.




Emma Slawinski
Senior Campaigns Manager
Compassion in World Farming


PS. The long fight to see the back of the barren battery cage in Europe shows how persistent and determined we must be in our fight to end all forms of factory farming. If you can, please consider making a donation to help Compassion be here for as long as it takes – ready to take a stand every time farm animals need us.


Call  on 01483 521 953

Lines are manned from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.


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