Blair Set To Return To UK Politics

The Mail on Sunday is reporting again that the Prince of Darkness, Tony Blair not only wants to return to UK politics, but has also been advising Barack Obama on his re-election campaign.

It looks like Blair, who’s wife Cherie Booth is a leading barrister specialising in public law, human rights, employment and European Community law, arbitration and mediation, and also daughter of 1960’s TV comedy actor Tony Booth, is being brought back to assist Ed (the millipede) Milibands push to get Labour back into Downing Street.

This seems to be a slightly short sighted move to any sane observer, surely no one can forget that ex Fabian member Blair brought New Labour to power in 1997 on an avalanche of promises chanting “Things Can Only Get Better”. Along with his ex best buddy Grumpy Gordon Brown, he sold off 50% of the UK’s gold reserve for a fraction of it’s real value, signed over the power to set interest rates from the government to the “Rothschilds” dominated Bank of England, took us into false wars based on lies and deception, resulting in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent souls, and continued to give away more and more of the UK’s independence to the Globalist EU. You served your masters well Tony, welcome home and always remember “He who rides on the Tigers back can never get off”

And now we find out that Blair has been advising Obama, ha, they say like attracts like


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