Grooming Trial: Nine Child Sex Gang Members Jailed. Why this must not be a race issue.

Look into the eyes of the men pictured above, what do you see?

Low life scum who pray on the innocence of children. They where all but one, from Pakistan, the other was an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan. What the hell has that got to do with anything. A scum bag is a scum bag no matter where they originate.  Already BNP Nick Griffin is on the racist band wagon. It has been alleged that he is so stupid he almost caused the trial to collapse by not being able to keep his gob shut on Twitter.

This is not a race issue. Predatory vile perverts attract other predatory vile perverts from within the circles they mix in.  It just happens that this time  this bunch of  evil animals come from the same ethnic background, what next, all Catholics are paedophiles because Rome has turned a blind eye for decades to the boy fiddling priests? Every culture has evil elements within it. Thank God, Allah or whatever your chosen deity is that the good far out weigh the evil.

To all of our good friends from wherever you originate, we must not let anyone use this to create division between us.



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