Alex Jones.Friend or Foe?

I received an email the other day questioning why Piereport-News supports InfoWars and Alex Jones so much. Well to tell you the truth, we promote Press TV, Russia Today, David Icke, and many others, so it isn’t just Alex Jones.

Who is this opinionated fat Texan with a big mouth anyway, and is he for real?

If you read some reports Jones is working for the Globalists himself, spreading paranoia and trying to break up America from within. I do have some issues with him & his big mouth. Watching the Nightly News I find it difficult to believe he has lost 40lb with Tangy Tangerines, but hey, maybe it’s my display settings,  and I can’t get that dam jingle for Blue Diamond Gusset Jeans out of my head, I would sometimes like to put a diamond gusset in his crutch!!

He drives around in a big motor home, makes heaps of cash from his DVD’s and shows, and certainly isn’t surviving on welfare.

There you are I’ve said it, Alex Jones is no pauper.

Too right he isn’t, and in my opinion he earns every penny he makes. The motor home is also a mobile studio, and the vast majority of the cash he makes is ploughed back into his crusade against the Globalists. He has a big mouth because he has the balls to say it as it is. He loves his family and his country with a passion so tangible you can feel it. Yes he gets carried away, so what.

He understands the Constitution inside and out, and has an excellent grasp of political history. He is responsible for waking up so many people he should be classed as a hero.

If you really can’t see where he is coming from, and think he is a money grabbing showman, or some form of puppet of the system, the good news is it won’t stop him. So go on, sit back and condemn a guy working flat out to save his country and the world. What are you doing about it? Go buy another Big Mac.


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