James Murdoch has resigned as chairman of BSkyB with immediate effect.


If you can”t stand the heat, get out of the company. The “chosen one” has stepped down from BSkyB leaving the UK a Murdoch free zone,well in personalties at least. But why did he really walk? Some commentators say there could be more to this than simply ‘Murdoch the fall guy’?

Just days after it was alleged by the BBC’s Panorama that NDS a News Corporation subsidiary is accused of leaking information from ITV Digital (formerly On Digital) which could be used to create counterfeit smart cards, giving people free access to paid for TV, are BSkyB concerned about being fit and proper to hold a broadcast licence.

I hate it when families fall out, so here is a statement taken from

“Statement from Chase Carey, President and Chief Operation Office, News Corporation Regarding Misrepresentation of NDS by the BBC’s Panorama

NEW YORK, NY – March 28, 2012 -“The BBC’s Panorama program was a gross misrepresentation of NDS’s role as a high quality and leading provider of technology and services to the pay-TV industry, as are many of the other press accounts that have piled on – – if not exaggerated — the BBC’s inaccurate claims. Panorama presented manipulated and mischaracterized emails to produce unfair and baseless accusations. News Corporation is proud to have worked with NDS and to have supported them in their aggressive fight against piracy and copyright infringement. News Corporation fully endorses Executive Chairman of NDS Abe Peled’s attached letter to Panorama and supports NDS in clearing its name, just as the U.S. Department of Justice, a federal court jury and a federal appellate court have all done in past rulings.”

See, we have to be fair and balanced.

Just out of interest, here is a list of the Board of Directors of News Corp as of 3 April 2012

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert MurdochChairman and Chief Executive Officer
News Corporation

José María Aznar

Former President of Spain
FAES – Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis

Natalie Bancroft

News Corporation

Peter L. Barnes

Ansell Limited

James W. Breyer

Accel Partners

Chase Carey

Deputy Chairman
President and Chief Operating Officer
News Corporation

David F. DeVoe

Chief Financial Officer
News Corporation

Viet Dinh

Professor of Law
Georgetown University

Sir Roderick I. Eddington

Non-Executive Chairman for
Australia and New Zealand
J.P. Morgan

Joel I. Klein

Executive Vice President
CEO, Education Division
News Corporation

Andrew S.B. Knight

Non-Executive Chairman
J Rothschild Capital Management Limited

James R. Murdoch

Deputy Chief Operating Officer
News Corporation
Chairman and CEO, International
News Corporation

Lachlan K. Murdoch

Executive Chairman
Illyria Pty Ltd

Arthur M. Siskind

Senior Advisor to the Chairman
News Corporation

John L. Thornton

Professor and Director of Global Leadership
Tsinghua University of Beijing Ex Goldman Sachs


 Stanley S. Shuman (Director Emeritus)

Managing Director
Allen & Company LLC

And it’s been alleged by some people that Fox News is deliberately reporting the coverage of the US Presidential race to block out Ron Paul. It certainly makes you wonder doesn’t it.


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