Fuel Crisis, What Fuel Crisis? There isn’t One, Just Another Tory Blunder, or is it?

So the UK has run out of fuel at filling stations, well done Francis Maud & David (call me Dave) Cameron. It’s a little bit early for an April Fools joke, so why has this happened? It’s either crass stupidity from a bunch of people so out of touch with reality it’s embarrassing, or it was a deliberate attempt to kill the fallout of the proposed fuel tax increase.

francis maud and david cameronWhen was the last time anyone used the term jerry can anyway? They were designed in German in the 1930’s, and of course Jerry is a slang term for Germans. I wonder what Angela Merkel thinks about this?

  • Let’s look at the facts.
  • There is no strike by tanker drivers and it’s unlikely that there will be one before Easter, if at all.
  • Cabinet Office minister Francis Maud said “The greater the extent to which people have fuel in their vehicles, with maybe a little bit in the garage as well in a jerry can, the longer we will be able to keep things going.”
  • David Cameron advised people to fill up their tanks.
  • Fuel Stations all over the UK are running dry
  • Prices are rising as demand outstrips supply
  • Roads are becoming gridlocked as people follow government advice and queue for fuel.
  • One woman seriously injured as she fills up a fuel can in her kitchen

Well done boys, you make us all very proud. I’m just wondering what plans you have for the next looming financial crisis or the war with Iran!


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