Who cares if UK PM is a Political Prostitute.





The Tory party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas has resigned after it was revealed he was offering access to the prime minister and chancellor for up to £250,000. Cameron forced to reveal a series of private dinners and lunches in Downing Street hosting those who donated nearly £23m to party.

What I don’t understand is why did Cruddas resign? Are we seriously saying Cameron knew nothing about this. Let’s get real here and stop pretending we live in a free democracy.

Why is this even news? It’s always happened in one form or another. Still it makes a change from reporting more deaths in Afghanistan.


Disclaimer for anyone hard of thinking!   This is not a real auction site image, please don’t try to bid. eBeg.con.uk is a made up name and has no connection with any genuine auction site.


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