Wake Up World. Is Cancer is a Globalist Weapon Targeted Against YOU?

This documentary by Healthwyze.org catalogues how the drug companies forced allopathic medicine to establish dominance in the early part of the 20th Century, and how natural medicines were arbitrarily banned from the medical profession, despite  this decision being scientifically unsound. The wholesale transition from natural medicines to chemical ones was based on financial and political reasons, at the expense of the patients by people who’s only agenda is to destroy as many live as they can, and make a huge profit from it. Patients are put on extreme chemical regimes to cure this man induced epidemic, which destroys their immune system from the inside, treatments that make them billions of $’s profit.

This documentary exposes the carnage of the cancer industry, the financial interests that moulded it, and why it is so resistant to change. Meanwhile, cancer treatments kill more people every year than any war in U.S. history. Cancer patients with no treatment at all statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life. The Cancer Report also catalogues the histories and procedures of the most popular alternative therapies, which generally have significantly better success rates than standard treatments.

We urge all of our readers to watch this documentary and pass it on to friends and relatives. It is currently available on Youtube, and the full 1.5G movie can be downloaded from archive.org. The smaller 788 M.B. (yet still high quality) Divx/AVI version of the movie can be downloaded via a bit-torrent program and directly from Healthwyze.org. The full movie transcript can be found there.

If you have any problems viewing the original downloadable edition, then we recommend installing the free and multi-platform VLC program. It is the best overall video player around. Another excellent option is the Miro program, which can both download the torrent version of the documentary, and play it as well.


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