Hosepipe Ban For Millions in The South East.

Who are they trying to kid, 12 March 2012 and already the water Companies are warning of a hosepipe ban. It has nothing to do with the forced water meter scheme Southern Water are forcing on residents?

OK, you don’t want a water meter in the UK, so you change company. Oh you can’t, under the completive systems in the UK,water, the life blood of everything is in private hands but there are no alternative suppliers. This has to be an outrage for starters.

If there is a water shortage, it is either a scam, or pure incompetence by the water companies. To say it’s due to reduced rainfall is crazy. The tiny UK is surrounded by water, it always seems to be raining somewhere.

I don’t buy the incompetence idea, so it has to be a con, to justify the water meter idea, you know the line, “we’re charging more to reduce consumption to help save the planet”

Al Gore must be so proud of them.

The next thing will be Billy Boy Gates campaigning to help save the UK by mass birth control. The population are thought to have such low intellect they are “micro soft” in the head.



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